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A San Francisco resident with clients in the US and Europe, CWC Founder Kate Kilbourne began working in web production in the 1990s Bay Area tech boom.  Over the years her career evolved from "webmaster" to "online communications specialist" as her range of expertise broadened to include content management, online strategy, marketing, social media, analytics and e-commerce.  Now Kate designs affordable websites for small business owners, non profit organizations, musicians and artists, with the goal of delivering visually appealing sites that can be easily updated by the client themselves.  Kate can teach even the most technically challenged clients how to make updates, post on social media, and achieve their online marketing goals, all on their own.

Kate Kilbourne



• As an independent contractor, produced, managed, and updated websites and social media tools for over 40 clients, including four websites in French for clients in the Loire Valley, France.
• Web production and content management experience ranging from interactive virtual travel to live webcasting to building online communities for non-profit organizations and e-commerce businesses.
• Social Media management of large international communities, actively engaging on a daily basis with 169,700+ Twitter followers, 727,600+ Causes members, 4,300+ Facebook fans, and 310+ Pinterest followers.
• Proven content creation and editorial experience with numerous organizations.
• Led marketing efforts in the conception, writing and production of email and social media campaigns supporting development and community-building.
• Flexible in assuming a leadership role, collaborating with colleagues and working independently offsite.

Career Highlights:

• Founded successful independent website production business, collaborating with selected associates on over 40 website projects for a wide spectrum of clients.

• E-commerce director of Kilbourne & Kilbourne, a third-generation family business.
• Web & Social Media Manager for Camfed, an international non-profit that fights poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa by educating girls and empowering women to become leaders of change. Highly innovative in attracting online supporters, Camfed 's web and social media communications are the primary drivers of the organization's brand, awareness-raising and fundraising efforts.
• Website Director of Grace Cathedral San Francisco, responsible for implementing live webcasting of Sunday programs and acting as content editor for weekly online spirituality magazine content. Received Webby Award in 2004 for Best Spirituality Website.
• Produced the live webcast and online chat room for the millennium roll-out of the General Motors car show in Detroit, MI.

Caring World Communications



CWC was conceived as a business concept just before setting out on a trip around the world.  My goal was to make contact with local organizations and individuals in each country we visited and offer assistance with online communications and international exposure.  


Upon returning to San Francisco, I realized that the name still worked... Caring World Communications sums up the kinds of clients I most like to work with: nonprofits, socially responsible businesses, and individuals who wish to share their ideas, professional skills and art.


Specializing in website and social media management, CWC can assist you in achieving your online communications goals.  Whether you wish to launch a beautiful website, market your services, or build a vibrant online community, Caring World Communications will partner with you to take you where you need to go.


Make contact now.

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